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Fundraising Ideas: Think Outside the Box

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Fundraising is key.

Fundraising is key for any non-for-profit charity who is trying to sustain and improve their services. If you're are a charity or someone who is looking to fund raise but you're stuck for ideas, look no further, we have come up with some different ideas for you to try.

Sky dive, bungee jump or abseil in a wacky costume

Create the strangest or wildest animal costume known to man and don it while you challenge yourself doing a 15,000 ft Sky Dive, or if that is a bit too scary, a bungee jump or abseil. You never know you may just enjoy it and find yourself a new hobby. You could also set up a final party for when you and your team have finished the challenge.

Fundraising - costume sky dive

Fundraising - Eating Competition

Man vs Food BBQ contest

Have you ever watched Man vs Food? And thought it is so rib-diculous you liked to have a go? Well why don’t you get in touch with your local butchers and set up a Man Vs Food contest between local people. Entry to the competition costs, while the competitors all gain sponsors so the donations go to the chosen charity of the completion.

Waxing for Men Day

Get the bravest men you know, as many as possible to get involved in having a chosen body part wax in exchange for cash donations. I think most men would rather run marathon or sky dive than have their body waxed so when they do participate in something like this, it gets people sponsoring and interested. 


Car Wash

This one always does well especially if it is done in an area with a high transport congestion such as a take away drive through, a retail park or garage. Its good social event which can be fun particularly on a warm summers day. It also raises awareness really well as people who don’t use the car wash will wonder what it is in aid of?

Fundraising - Car Washing 01

Fundraising- crossdress-max_2147091c

Cross Dressing Mile

Invite every man you know to slip on a dress and heels and walk an actual mile in aid of your charity of choice. I don’t think we can say that is an easy challenge, walking in heals for an untrained and inexperience male is a battle particularly for 1 mile.

Summer fete with a downhill slip and slide

With summer in full swing, a summer fete where people of all ages can come along and get involved is perfect. The key attraction to this summer fete could be a big downhill slip and slide. The money people pay to go on the slip and slide can be used to donate to a chosen charity.


Fundraising - Costume competition

Primary schools making monster costumes

If your school is looking for ideas for fundraising? We’ve got a monstrous idea for a local primary school. All children who want to enter have a month to create a hand-made monster costume. On the presentation day, the participants model their costumes during a show where parents can attend. The costumes are judged by a pupil, a teacher and person at the chosen charity. There are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place depending on number of participants, with each place winning a prize.

Fundraising is such a competitive market for charities and people alike that it is important to think outside the box. If the idea is strange, wild, quirky then it will stand out from the crowd and excite your supporters. This way is it more likely to get people talking, donating and raising awareness of your chosen charity. It is also important to try and get as many people involved as possible then more money can be raised. If you have any ideas we couldn’t think of just leave a message and let us know.

Author: Maggie Allen

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