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Volunteering: The Heart of Worcestershire College get plastering

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One big step towards completing the first fundraising goal of the year.


We were very lucky to have Heart of Worcestershire College come in during Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th to plaster a whole room and bathroom for us. Tony, Mike and the students were friendly, polite and did a fantastic job for us on ‘The Trove’ and adjacent bathroom which we are currently moving forward with. ‘The Trove’ is going to become a music focused sensory room for members and users which will add to the number of rooms the centre has such as ‘The Cave’.

Going the extra room



As well as the Trove  and adjacent bathroom, they also plastered a small bathroom at the end of building which Tony noticed needed attention. This was kindly offered and completed which was brilliant.

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The Tour



Hopefully the group enjoyed their time at Spectrum Days while it gave them a space to ply their trade. We also showed the group around the centre and they enjoyed testing out the sensory room. We introduced them to the staff and members during a picnic in which the members gave them a hand-made card. 


We are very thankful for the help from the Heart of Worcestershire College, it makes a massive difference and the college should be proud of its students.  Onwards and upwards as we look to paint the Trove ready for parts of the equipment which we already have waiting.  

Watch this space for the opening of the Trove!

If you would like to get involved in volunteering with us please email:

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