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Spectrum Days provides specialist support to people with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities) from birth, through life with Purpose, Meaning, Living Dignity. People with PMLD represent about 0.03% of the population and have little or no cognitive awareness and/or profound physical abilities. The core service is support at Days, at home or in the community.

Is the service right for the individual?

Spectrum Days is aimed at people like ‘A’ who is a wonderful young man with bags of personality and a fantastic sense of humour. However he has PMLD, he is doubly incontinent and dependent on others for even the simplest things in life. He suffers from epilepsy and scoliosis, which causes considerable discomfort. ‘A’ also has severe learning difficulties and no verbal language. He uses vocalisations to express boredom and discomfort, and pleasure through laughter.
For this service to be suitable, in addition to severe learning difficulties, the individual needs one of more of below:

PMLD diagram

Transition Process

It is essential that our service is right for the individual. So the transition process can involve one or all of the following:
•  A visit to the current provider or the school.
•  Free taster sessions to sample the service.
•  Completion of relevant paperwork/assessments.
•  The compilation of a range of activities.

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