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Our Services

With the support of an infinite number of stakeholders, the service has grown around meeting our members’ needs, to be:

  • Safe, comfortable and fulfilled
  • part of the community and have the opportunity to build friendships
  • partake of specialist activities bespoke to their needs
Support at Spectrum Days
Support in the Community
Support at Home

What makes us special?

We provide excellent services through an innovative approach to service provision, responding to the needs of the family. Through a unique combination of Day opportunities specialist equipment, resources, skills, knowledge and experience. By pulling a range of specialist services and resources together high quality, efficient solutions are provided to this marginalised but very special group. We have long term plans to cover the whole age range meeting the relevant stresses and strains faced by familys at milestones along the journey of life.

What makes us different?

• We have as well trained dedicated staff team, who are vital to the success of the organisation and are encouraged to have an active part in service development.
• We have a growing number of specialist support workers, focussing on areas such as ICT, communication, physiotherapy.
• We have a fantastic, fully accessible building, covering just under 6,000 square feet. The design principles in each area, are to keep spaces as open as possible and have easily reachable bathroom facilities.
• Resources are selected to maximise independence, with fundraising focussed on developing a fabulous range high/low technological devises.
• An open approach to inclusion and activities, our staff seek out new and exciting opportunities for our membership, based on individual need.
• A seamless approach to service provision encompassing building/home/community opportunities.
• No age restriction; we are building up services to cover the whole age range.
• We are growing a catalyst of additional on-site services, such as chiropody and hairdressing
• A library of resources to support families

Paying for the services

It is essential that our service is right for the individual. So the transition process can involve one or all of the following:

• A visit to the current provider or the school                                                                                 
• Free taster sessions to sample the service.
• Completion of relevant paperwork and assessments.
• The compilation of a range of activities
The cost of the service is based on the assessment, which identifies the range of activities and staffing level to provide a safe and appropriate service. Once assessment has taken place a quote will be provided and if accepted the admissions process will take place.


Spectrum Days is paid for in a number of ways:

 Personal budgets are an allocation of funding given to service users after an assessment which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs. They can either take their personal budget as a direct payment, or – while still choosing how their care needs are met and by whom – leave councils with the responsibility to commission the services. Or they can take have some combination of the two.

Direct payments are cash payments given to service users in lieu of community care services they have been assessed as needing, and are intended to give users greater choice in their care. The payment must be sufficient to enable the service user to purchase services to meet their eligible needs, and must be spent on services that meet eligible needs.

Personal Health Budget is an amount of money to support service users identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between them and your local NHS team. The aim is to give people with long-term conditions and disabilities greater choice and control over the healthcare and support they receive.