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Triathlon participatant raises up to £600 for Spectrum Days

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The event

The AJ Bell London Triathlon is the world’s largest and London’s only major triathlon in 2016. It was held over 6-8th August at the Excel Arena which is around the Victoria Docks in London. It attracts over 13,000 participants with all different levels of fitness. It attracts double the amount of spectators with over 30,000 travelling to watch. There were a variety of distances, routes and categories to chose from such as Olympic Plus, Olympic, Sprint, Super sprint and Junior Sprint. Jack participated in the Sprint category within a wave of roughly 100 participants.




What is a triathlon?

A triathlon consists of 3 disciplines, swimming, cycling and running. Depending on the category, there are different distances for each discipline. Jack's efforts went towards the Sprint which involved a 750m swim, 20k cycle and 5k run. Below is a map of the route:

Map of course

Jack's thoughts


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me for this challenge, it has kick started the chance to get an important piece of equipment for the charity. I really enjoyed it, and particularly the area as it was in which was central London very close to the 02 arena which made it quite surreal. Everyone was in the same boat so they were friendly and encouraged each other (I could have done with a boat during the swim). I am not the most streamline person and there was around 100 of us squashed into this small starting area where we treaded water for a 5 minutes before the start so it was daunting. The whistle went, it was hectic, it was like a school of piranha's with people trying their best to get space and ahead of the group. Once everyone was spaced out, I was more comfortable. 

Once I finished the swim thankfully, it was quick transition by getting the wet-suit off and onto the bike. This was where I gained ground on the other people in my category after my lack of speed in the water. Despite passing other charity participants, some of the more elite cyclists were going at the some incredible speeds and that spurred me on. Once I had done the 20k cycle, I was on the home straight transitioning from the bike to foot to complete the 5k run. This is where I really felt the heat, it was 25 degrees but felt more like 30 in the sun and with the humidity. My legs felt heavy but I pushed through and completed my first Triathlon.

I am glad I managed to raise some money for Spectrum Days. The charity might be offered a place for 2017 so I would encourage anyone who wants a challenge to have a go. Even more so, someone who isn't an athlete and hasn't done anything similar before. Because this is a perfect opportunity to try something new and help the charity at the same time.



What will the money go towards?

We are planning for the money to go towards a graduate Acheeva Learning station.The Acheeva is an adjustable, multi-positional learning station that enables people to lie straight, work and play in a supported, balanced posture. It provides full support in supine, prone or side lying to protect body shape and respiratory function of members who use wheelchairs. This is really important to allow members to be more comfortable and further aid their inclusiveness. It will also help the staff when working with the members and their mobility around the centre.

If you would like to donate, which would be greatly appreciated by all those linked to Spectrum Days, then the JustGiving page is: 

Author: Maggie Allen

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