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Can you help by volunteering?


Volunteering is a major commitment for anyone but at Spectrum Days we have a number of voluntary roles which are flexible and rewarding. We have fantastic volunteers who come into Spectrum Days to support the charity in different areas depending on what they prefer and what we can organise. 












With time?


Some volunteers who have experience of caring for people with PMLD through family links or previous roles come in to support the staff at certain times such as when members visit the hydrotherapy pool at another local charity. Steve volunteered with us and now is as full trained as the formal members of staff and is provided with the same opportunities. 

‘I got involved through my partner who volunteered here first of all, but I have a son who is very disabled so it was a natural thing to do. I started off doing the bits and bobs around the centre, taking stuff to the tip, building work then I started to work with the members because of my personal experience, so its carried on from there’- Steven Volunteering 1

With skills?


We have voluntary professionals who have expertise in administration, management and budget handling. Callum, who has a background in Marketing, came to the charity offering his knowledge which was lacking in the charity.

"Throughout my career I've develop a range of marketing and fundraising skills, through paid and voluntary experience, that didn't exist within Spectrum Days. As I began talking with Maggie about how she might be able to put some of my skills to good use, an opportunity arose to employ an intern for 12 months, fully funded by a larger charity and I immediately supported Spectrum Days to develop marketing and fundraising plans. On going, I have committed to supporting Spectrum Days to ensure the charity is benefiting." - Callum Davies 

Volunteering in Worcestershire


With activities?


We also have volunteers who come in to do activities with our members such as music, arts and crafts. One of our current volunteers projects which started off as Worcestershire Early Music, come to the centre and play musical instruments and sing with the members. The project said they found the response and reaction so positive from our members that they have continued since. 

'We actually like coming here, because we can see the difference it is making, the staff are amazing, incredibly good and the numbers of staff are right for the members' - Worcestershire Early Music Project.

Worcestershire early music Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering for us, just contact us through email, Twitter or Facebook. If you are looking for other opportunities take a look at the websites which are based in Worcestershire such as Worcester Volunteer Centre, Worcestershire Voices or Worcestershire County Council